Mobile Internet Application Programming (Praktikum)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ulrik Schroeder

Teaching Assistant: MOstafa Akbari
Contakt:MOstafa Akbari


Microblogging, Andorid, Twitter, Laconi.ca, Blog, Widget, eLearning, Web 2.0, LocalBasedServices


We have some companies and start-ups who want to collaborate within this lab.
The lab focuses on Android OS and Android Application Development.

Teams of 3 to 5 students conduct small research projects in the field of mobile web and application for small-screen-devices.
The projects include

  • requirement analysis, use-cases and user-scenarios
  • mobile web development
  • identification of problems of mobile content
  • implementation of mobile application

Each group will have to elaborate scenarios and use-cases for their topic and provide a clear work plan including time schedule. After clarification, each group will specify the system, its components and behavior. The specification is the basis of the implementation phase. At the end of the development, each group will create an evaluation plan and conduct the evaluation of the running prototype.

At the end of the lab, each group will present the results of the project work accompanied by a demonstration of the application / system developed. A written report has to be provided by each group on their development.

What are the requirements for attending this lab?

  • Previous attendance of the lecture "Web Technologies" or very goog knowlede of Web Technologies
  • Good knowledge of Software Engineering
  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language
  • First experience with Web 2.0 application -->> Microblogging, Blogs


As soon as we start with the lab there will be a course room in L²P(external link). We will use the course room for communication and exchange lab materials.
You may use a blog for documentaion of your personal and group progress / work


Candidates must register using the online registration form(external link). The registration will be open from Monday, June 15, 2009 until Sunday, June 28, 2009.

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