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General Information

According to our research areas we regularly offer lectures for both study programs in computer science (Bachelor's degree, master's degrees and diploma) and for teachers' education in computer science Lehramtstudiengang Informatik (Gymnasium und Gesamtschulen, Bachelor, Master) as well as study programs with computer science components such as Technikkommunikation.

Our Courses

The lecture course "eLearning" (V3+Ü2) imparts the theoretical foundations in eLearning (e.g. learning theories, instructional design theories, assessment and feedback). The course further addresses how these theories can be applied for the development of innovative eLearning systems and environments, based on emerging Web and mobile technologies. The course also gives insights into advanced eLearning topics that will be deepened in the master course "Advanced Learning Technologies".

The lecture course "Web Technologies" (V3+Ü2) introduces the technologies and the relevant topic areas required for the development of Web applications. First, basic technologies (e.g. HTTP, HTML, CSS, XML technologies, Web 2.0) are presented. On this basis, Server-side (e.g. CGI, PHP, JEE, .NET) as well as client-side (e.g. JavaScript, AJAX, RIA) Web application development frameworks are addressed. These technologies are further inverstigated and applied in small student projects carried out throughout the course.

The master lecture course "Advanced Learning Technologies" (V3+Ü2) is a follow up to the basic courses "eLearning" and "Web Technologies". The course addresses advanced topics in technology enhanced learning (e.g. learning analytics and mobile learning). It focuses on the engineering of innovative learning systems and environments based on emerging Web and mobile technologies (e.g. Web mining, recommender systems, and cloud computing).

The lecture Introduction to Computer Science Didactics is intended for students of the Lehramtsstudiengang Informatik(external link). It gives an overview of the subject areas of computer science and their general educational value. Related with practice and exemplary it deals with selected topics in computer science and their educational preparation. In the associated exercise teaching units or materials are developed for different classes or groups.

In addition to our regular lecture courses, we offer on a regular basis seminars and labs around the fields of eLearning, Web and mobile Technologies, and didactics of computer science.




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