Requirements and Evaluation of an Open Assessment Environment

Master Thesis
Romina Felahi


One research area of the Computer-Supported Learning Research Group is technology enhanced and open assessment. Basic questions in this area are how technology can support the planning and realization of grading and giving feedback to students’ learning activities. Some of these processes are already covered by current learning platforms like Moodle or L²P. In contrast to closed environments, there are several free services like YouTube, SlideShare, and others, which can be used for the creation of content. This creation of content can be seen as a learning activity. Additional possibilities like adding comments or rating can be used for assessment as well.


The aim of this project is to identify the requirements implement and evaluate the integration of external services in an open assessment environment. We aim to include a few Web 2.0 services, such as YouTube and Dropbox in our university e-learning platform enhancing thir functionalities with specific assessment needs, like getting feedback from peers or assigning marking schemes. One requirement is to realize this project based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to allow a smooth integration with L²P.

The thesis is written in English.



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