Design and Implementation of a Real Time Communication and Collaboration Personal Learning Environment for Creating and Aggregating Content







Today learning is a life long process. Especially in modern technology areas the advancement is so fast that one have to learn and improve one’s skills alongside the job. But this is not easy with conventional learning methods where learning takes place full-time in institutions. Indeed there are some solution methods to this problem. With evening schools and distance learning it is possible to learn alongside the job, but there are still restrictions. The learning schedules are not flexible, exams take only place at fixed dates and the learning progress is not personalised.

Another Problem of the conventional learning process is that there is no acknowledgment of informal learned knowledge. According to the Institute for Research on Learning most people learn their jobs by observing coworkers, calling the help desk, asking questions or by other independent tasks. Formal learning accounts at most for 20% of how people learn their job.

To deal with this new learning requirements new approaches of learning were sought and the idea of Personal Learning Environments emerged. As basis for this Personal Learning Environment serves a new service from Google.

Google describes Google Wave as an online tool for communication and collaboration. A Wave is both conversation and document, can be shared and is live.





Mostafa Akbari

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