Collaborative Multi-Touch Application for Resolution in Propositional Logic

Bachelor Thesis
Andreas Schäfer


This project is about creating a multi-touch learning application about resolution in propositional logic.

Multi-touch tables offer great new possibilities of collaborating and playing together. This can be used to design multi-user compatible learning games for learning and practicing various kinds of learning content. On a multi-touch table, collaborative as well as competitive aspects can be combined to allow multiple users to interact with each other, support each other and even challenge each other.

Especially in the context of algorithm learning, any possibility of gaining practice is useful. Enhancing this learning and practicing process with collaborative play can make the process more interesting, more fun and hopefully even more useful.


The task is to implement and describe an application for the SMART Table. The application is to cover the content of resolution in propositional logic. Users shall have the possibiliy to execute the resolution algorithm 'by hand'. One group of learners shall be able to work together on the same instance of clauses as well as to compete on a single instance at the same point of time in two opposing teams.


When it's done!


When it's done!

The SMART Table(external link)


Nadine Bergner
Thiemo Leonhardt

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