Visual Micro blogging in e-learning


After the great success of twitter, Pownce, Tumblr and other micro blogging tools. It opens a new era of communication within a specific group of people or publicly. Timsoft developed a first website of e-learning www.cirip.ro(external link) which is based on Micro blogging.

A picture is worth a thousand words and it can be a better source of communication. Yannick 3 and Judith 3 introduced new type of micro blogging which is called Mycrocosm (Visual Micro blogging). User can record every day person statistics and this information can be represented in a graphs and charts.

Visual Micro blogging gives me an inspiration to be use for e-learning. Student can keep record of their daily activities and what they have done for the whole week. They can keep record of their study progress. By using Visual Micro blogging in e-learning student will be better able to manage their study life.

I would like to develop a tool which can be used on mobile device and web based interface. The Interface will be user friendly and will meet all the usability principles. User can record their daily activities and it will be represented in the form of statistical graph which will be accessible on Mobile interface as well as web based interface.

In this thesis a survey will be done which will give a better knowledge about student’s daily activities, with the help of which I will design an interface. After successful development of this tool, it will be tested among group of students and results will be discussed in detail. The work involved in this thesis will prove to be an asset in further research of visual micro blogging in e-learning.










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