Application of QR Codes in Mobile Learning

Master Thesis
Chifumi Nishioka


Mobile learning is growing rapidly. It makes us enable to learn at any time and anywhere, and provide personalized contents. Also QR Codes spread in not only Asian countries but also European countries recently. QR codes shorten distance between objects and information, so it is very helpful in mobile learning. On the other hand, QR codes provide same information to every learner so decrease the advantage of mobile learning (providing personalized information).


- provide personalized appropriate information to learner
It will utilize information (that devices have, connecting SNS and so on).

- implement the information input form for researchers.

The application is implemented for Android OS platform.


With the fast development of mobile technology and network, there are various mobile learning applications. The aim of this study is to provide the suitable and individualized information to learners with mobile devices.

We assume the scenario that a visitor comes to a researcher's room in a university building: There are a lot of researchers' rooms in a school building. Beside a door, there is normally a nameplate which provides a researcher's name but it is insufficient. Then I propose to utilize QR codes. QR codes contain researchers' id and visitors can connect following information with id and implemented mobile application; research area, e-mail address, SNS accounts, courses they teach, papers, publications and so on.

Also I would like to provide the appropriate information to each person by referring personal information that deices store.



Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti
Hendrik Thüs

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