A Collaborative Learning Tool for Sorting Algorithms on Multitouch Tables

Bachelor Thesis
Torsten Sehy


This bachelor thesis is about serious gaming, for algorithm learning, on multi-touch tables.

With a multi-touch table you can create a variety of game modes, which would not be possible like this on a normal computer. There are mainly two points which favor from a multi-touch table:

  1. Gestures: The user can intuitively perform operations with his/her fingers.
  2. Multiplayer modes: On a table multiplayer modes have some advatages e.g. working together on one problem is more interesting than using one keyboard or a network.

With these (and more) points serious gaming on multi-touch tables for algorithm learning could be an important part for pupils and students in their first semesters.


The thesis project will be developed for the SMART Table(external link). It will focus on sorting algorithms.

Within the software the student should learn how to understand a given algorithm, how to execute it and when to use it (complexity).
With highscores and achievements the student will be motivated to learn. Another motivating part of the sofware are the multiplayer modes for competetive and collaborative learning.








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