CoDaCo (Conference Data Collector): A multi-access multi-view conference backchannel system



The idea of social media and web 2.0 was introduced in 2004 and has not stopped growing since. Constantly updating your facebook or twitter status has become an “in” thing to do. Especially the microblogging communities keep on growing daily. Even companies have started using social media as a way of getting closer to the customer, projecting a new, fresh image of the company.

Due to the fact that the activities people use twitter on conferences for strongly resemble the features of a backchannel system, the use of a backchannel system seems fit.


This thesis will result in the development of a backchannel system. This system aims at enhancing communication during conferences. An additional communication channel should be offered, that allows sharing of information without disrupting the main information flow. It should be modular, which is beneficial to further development, making the tool highly extendable and thereby drastically increasing its value. There are two major issues to be solved by the tool. It needs to be able to solidly aggregate data from various sources. This functionality should be highly extendable, to easily increase the impact of information within the communication channel. The second issue is the display of aggregated data. There is little gain from gathered information if it cannot be displayed properly. In order to allow wide access it should be possible to configure various ways of displaying the data aggregated. Also logical connections between the data should be displayed.

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

No matter the size of the audience, most presentations these days are held by one person only. This forces every member of the audience to process the given information on their own. Giving the possibility to ask questions and comment on specific breaks is not feasible, since this may lead to context issues or missing basic knowledge. Through the use of digital media another communication layer can be established. The various channels of this layer are to be gathered and prepared for various ways of display.

Unabhängig von der Anzahl der Zuhörer wird ein Großteil heutiger Präsentationen von nur einer Person gehalten. Dies führt dazu, dass jeder Teilnehmer gezwungen ist sämtliche Informationen eigenständig zu erfassen und zu verarbeiten. Selbst die Möglichkeit zu festen Zeitpunkten Kommentare und Fragen abzugeben schafft wenig Abhilfe, da hierdurch Kontext und Grundlagenwissen verloren gehen. Durch die Einführung digitaler Medien lässt sich eine zusätzliche Kommunikationsebene schaffen. Die verschiedenen Kanäle dieser Ebene gilt es zu erfassen und für die Darstellung in verschiedenen Formen aufzubereiten.

Webpage des Tools:
http://www.codacotool.de(external link)


Mostafa Akbari (i9)

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