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For the specialization area learning technologies the teaching and research group i9 offers the lectures „eLearning“ (L3+E2), „Web Technologies“ (L3+E2) and „Advanced LEarning Technologies“ (L3+E2). Other lectures can be combined with these together for a specialization exam in consultation withProf. Schroeder. This includes in particular the lecture „Designing Interactive Systems I“ (DIS I) or „HCI Design Patterns“ by Prof. Borchers as well as „Objektorientierte Software-Konstruktion“ (OOSK) by Prof. Lichter or „CSCW“ by Prof. Prinz. In addition, there are Learning technology engineering labs offered regularly and there are seminars or special lectures on current topics of learning technologies irregularly.

Teaching and learning philosophy

Our research group mainly deals with the description, the production, the development processes and the evaluation of eLearning systems, which target to create learning environment for intrinsically motivated, active learners, according to a moderately constructivist learning theory. Intrinsically motivated learners primarily learn from their own, inner drive and for their personal satisfaction. Their motivation does not only base on the need to achieve a good grade.

That is why we increasingly try to integrate new learning concepts in our own university lectures:

A „lecture“ does not always know the classical lecturer as only lecturer. Rather, we try to integrate active elements and to realize an interaction with the no-more-only listening audience but rather active participants of a lecture. Further blended-learning is applied, i.e. a method mixture and eLearning components are used, e.g. web based learning opportunities, which support the preparation and follow-up or extend this opportunities, consolidate or outsource some topics of the lecture. To do this, we use L²P(external link), the eLearning portal of the RWTH Aachen.

An „exercise“ for the consolidation of the learned takes place mostly less isolated within the week, but it is more shaped like projects, which accompany the lectures partially as a block course within the semester. Exams, then, base among others on project results. That is why an exercise becomes more a practical project with seminary character.

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