Bachelor thesis: Framework for Graphical eLearning Applications using Digital Pens

Bachelor thesis
Shubham Trivedi


In the scope of the SAiL-M project(external link), the Computer-Supported Learning Research Group is developing eLearning applications with intelligent feedback.

In computer science education there are several tasks that have to be solved graphically, such as constructing finite state machines or drawing UML diagrams. Desktop or Web applications with traditional user interfaces are of limited usefulness for this task because first-time users have to spend additional cognitive load to learn how to handle the UI.

This complexity is not an issue when the learner uses digital pens for freehand drawing on paper or on SmartBoards. However, there aren't many eLearning systems on these platforms that offer intelligent feedback.


This thesis should result in a framework that can be used to develop digital pen apps for graphical eLearning tasks. The API of LiveScribe SmartPens offers access to line strokes as well as handwriting recognition. The framework should provide an API to recognize shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, arrows, and labels, and to detect relationships between them. The interface should make it possible to develop eLearning applications with intelligent feedback for topics such as automata theory, UML and ER diagrams.


  • Daniel Herding,
  • Hendrik Thüs,

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