Capturing Activity Context in Mobile Learning Environments

Master Thesis
Torsten Kammer


The usage of mobile devices in e-learning is increasing. To provide a better experience, and to allow users to evaluate their own progress, it would desirable to collect data on what the user is doing. This is the context of the user, which is divided into different areas, captured in a wide variety of ways. Capturing, processing and evaluating this context requires new tools.

This is one part of a bigger project, specifically focused on collecting the activity context. Storing and processing the generated context is handled by a context framework, with the final part being a context analytics tool.


The goal is to find out how activity context data can be effectively collected on Android phones, and what kinds of data are available.

To do this, an Android application is being developed that collects the data and sends it to the framework, using a variety of collection methods. The app can be easily turned on or off, or select different amounts of data, to satisfy privacy requirements. Evaluation will focus on how the goals could be met, and a user test of the generated UI.


Not yet.

http://ferroequinologist.de(external link)


Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti
Hendrik Thüs

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