Jacareto — Recording interaction in learning programs

Jacareto is a framework that implements capturing user-program interaction on graphical user interfaces written in Java. You can capture actions on applications and replay them later on (like macros). It has been successfully used

  • to realize executable specifications of interactive systems using GUI -prototypes;
  • to integrate self-explanatory tutorials in help systems of software;
  • to implement instructional scenarios focusing on the learning process;
  • to realize usability studies of interactive systems.

In contrast to other capture&replay tools, Jacareto replays recorded interactions between a user and a software system on instances of the observed software itself. Consequently, the replay puts the software system into the state that the user reached before.
The protocol of the interactions is represented symbolically. Thus it can be automatically analyzed and structured, and to some extent also interpreted and statistically evaluated.


Protoreto — Usability research and prototyping tool

Protoreto is a prototyping tool that can be combined with Jacareto. Using its WYSIWYG editor, a user can create functional GUI prototypes even without programming skills. More complex systems can be realized by adding a few lines of script code. Jacareto can be used to capture the user’s interaction with a Protoreto prototype, for example during a user study. In the last years, Protoreto has been used at RWTH Aachen University as well as in private enterprises.




AuthorsTitleJournal/Conference/PublisherProjectFurther Information Year
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Daniel Herding, Ulrik Schroeder, Mostafa Akbari Protoreto: Interaktive und automatisch auswertbare Papierprototypen in Mensch & Computer 2009: Grenzenlos frei!?, 9. fachübergreifende Konferenz für interaktive und kooperative Medien, Sept. 2009, Oldenbourg, S. 283-292 Jacareto 2009
André Calero Valdez, Martina Ziefle, Andreas Horstmann, Daniel Herding, Ulrik Schroeder

Effects of aging and domain knowledge on usability
in small screen devices for diabetes patients

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Christian Spannagel, Ulrik Schroeder GUI-Adaptionen in Lernkontexten

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Image Best Paper der DeLFI 2008

Jacareto Image Paper (PDF) 2008
Christian Spannagel, Raimund Girwidz, Herbert Löthe, Andreas Zendler, Ulrik Schroeder Animated Demonstrations and Training Wheels Interfaces in a Complex Learning Environment(external link) Interacting with Computers 20(1)(external link), Elsevier 2008, p 97-111 Jacareto 2008
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Conference Proceedings & CD, World Conference on E-Learning, eLearn 2003(external link), Phoenix, Arizona, 2003.
Image Ausgezeichnet als Best Paper der eLearn 2003

Jacareto Image 2003
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A complete list of Jacareto-related papers can be found at the Project publications page(external link).

Theses at RWTH Aachen University

StudentInvert SortTitleTypeSupervisorStatusFinished
Specht, Oliver Synchronisation multimedialer Annotationen für Interaktionsaufzeichnungen Diploma ThesisEva Giani FinishedTue 30. Nov. 2004
Michel, Thomas Analyse kognitiv komplexer Systeme mittels automatisierter Interaktionsaufzeichnung Diploma ThesisUlrik Schroeder FinishedTue 10. Oct. 2006
Ißler, Arnd Verteilte tutorielle Unterstützung mittels Capture and Replay: Einbindung von Rückmeldemechanismen in das Jacareto-Framework Diploma ThesisDaniel Herding, Christian Spannagel(external link) FinishedFri 14. Jan. 2011
Horstmann, Andreas Jacareto ME: Experimentierumgebung für Usability-Studien mobiler eHealth-Anwendungen mittels Interaktionsaufzeichnung Diploma ThesisDaniel Herding, André Calero Valdez(external link) FinishedTue 22. Sep. 2009
Herding, Daniel Entwicklungswerkzeug zur Realisierung funktionaler GUI-Prototypen für die Durchführung empirischer Usability-Studien mit Jacareto Diploma ThesisUlrik Schroeder, Christian Spannagel (PH Ludwigsburg)(external link) FinishedTue 15. July 2008
Gursch, Jenny Interaktionsaufzeichnung bei prototypbasierten Online-Usability-Studien Diploma ThesisDaniel Herding FinishedTue 13. Apr. 2010


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