Diploma, Master and Bachelor theses



Aim of the thesis

The aim of the thesis is to apply the skills and computer science methods,
which were learned during the study, in a larger project. Thereby the thesis
is supposed to be the result of self-responsible and scientific kinds of working.

At our learning and research area the thesis consists of two parts in the most cases.
On the one hand a reasonable draft of the theoretical basics has to be written,
which will be the basis of project's realization. On the other hand the project
must be implemented with an adequate documentation. Further general information
on the master's thesis you can get here.

The work-flow

The work on a thesis is subdivided into three stages. First of all, there is
a Start-Up-Phase for the induction in the thesis' topic. This phase will be
finished with a presentation of the topic and the aims to be achieved.
Following the processing phase, in which the draft has to be elaborated.
During this time a regular exchange with the supervisor and other students of the
Lufgi9 takes place, among others in the graduate seminar. The final phase starts
as soon as the draft and the implementation is completed. In another talk
there will be presented the results of the thesis and a final cut will be made.
Thesis' topics and a more thorough description of the work-flow you can
find on the according sites. In general we offer diploma and master theses in
the research areas eLearning and didactics in computer science.


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