Bachelor's and Master's (including Diploma) Theses


We provide interesting thesis topics in the fields of technology enhanced learning and didactics of computer science, covering the following research areas:

  • Next-generation learning environments
    • Personal learning environments
    • Open and networked learning environments
  • Intelligent Web and mobile technologies
    • Web mining
    • Mobile learning in context
  • Learning Analytics
    • Educational data mining
    • Open assessment and intelligent feedback
    • Lifelong learner modeling
    • Intelligent recommendation
  • Technology enhanced didactics of computer science
  • Educational technologies


Open Theses

Please check below the list of currently available bachelor/master thesis topics. You can also contact our team to define other topics or suggest own research questions in the stated research areas. Thesis work can be conducted in English or German.

The bachelor theses can partially be expanded by research questions in consultation with your supervisor and, then, also be processed as master theses.


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Running Theses


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Finished Theses


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Kerber, Florian HackIt! - Framework Bachelor ThesisJan Holz, Hendrik Thues InfoSphere(external link), IGaDtools4MINT Tue 18. Sep. 2012
Klein, Marius Lifelong Learner Modeling in Social Networks Master ThesisDr. Mohamed Amine Chatti, Hendrik Thüs PRiME Fri 03. Aug. 2012
Krause, Jan

Detection of structural and content-based connections in common
document formats for the integration into the PRiME project

Master ThesisDr. Mohamed Amine Chatti, Hendrik Thüs, Christoph Greven PRiME Mon 16. Feb. 2015
Landwehr, Sebastian Context-Aware Keyphrase Generation for Structured German Texts Master ThesisDr. Mohamed Amine Chatti, Hendrik Thüs, Christoph Greven PRiME Mon 16. Feb. 2015
Lie, Christopher Werkzeuge zur qualitativen Leistungsbewertung kollaborativer Lernaktivitäten mit Wiki-Seiten Diploma ThesisPatrick Stalljohann, Anna Lea Dyckhoff L2P Tue 07. Sep. 2010
Lierenfeld, Jennifer Aktives Lernen in der Informatik durch Elearning Plattformen am Beispiel eines Schülerwettbewerbs Master ThesisNadine Bergner, Hendrik Thüs InfoSphere(external link) Tue 25. Sep. 2012
Linden, Alexandra Learning Analytics for Action Research: A Personalized Indicator Overview for Teachers Bachelor ThesisAnna Lea Dyckhoff eLAT, L2P Sun 22. Sep. 2013
Lisson, Thomas Ein Empfehlungssystem für Lehrpersonen in Learning Management Systemen auf Basis von Educational Data Mining und seine beispielhafte Implementierung in L2P Diploma ThesisAnna Lea Dyckhoff, Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti L2P Sun 11. Sep. 2011
Litke, Andreas A Motivational Framework for Professional Learners Master Thesis

Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti
Christoph Greven, M.Sc. RWTH

PRiME Mon 21. July 2014
Lukarov, Vlatko Learning Analytics Tools for raising Awareness and Reflection Master ThesisAnna Lea Dyckhoff, Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti


Fri 12. July 2013
Malik, Muhammad Salman An Open Assessment Support Tool for L2P Master ThesisUsman Wahid, Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti L²P Wed 06. Mar. 2013
Marktscheffel, Anna Usability-Analyse von mobilen Augmented Reality Navigations-Applikationen auf Grundlage natürlicher Gesten bei der Bildschirmbedienung Bachelor Thesis Mostafa Akbari Prof. Irene Mittelberg, Ph. D. Mobile University Fri 30. Sep. 2011
Masud, Farukh A Framework for an Open GradeBook in L²P Master ThesisUsman Wahid, Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti L²P Fri 27. Dec. 2013
Michel, Thomas Analyse kognitiv komplexer Systeme mittels automatisierter Interaktionsaufzeichnung Diploma ThesisUlrik Schroeder Jacareto Tue 10. Oct. 2006
Mirza, Irfan Emagazine for Mobile Devices Master/Diploma ThesisMostafa Akbari, Thiemo Leonhardt Mobile University Thu 29. Sep. 2011
Morgunov, Ilia Ontologiebasierte Zugriff sunterstützung auf die Wissensbasis eines virtuellen Studienberaters Diploma ThesisUlrik Schroeder, Cord Spreckelsen(external link) eLmed Wed 30. Sep. 2009
Musaddaq, Atif Visual Micro blogging in e-Learning Master ThesisMostafa Akbari Mobile University Fri 29. July 2011
Nabbi, Negah Kollaborative und altersgerechte Anwendung zur Vermittlung fundamentaler Ideen der Informatik Diploma ThesisPhilipp Brauner, Thiemo Leonhardt InfoSphere(external link) Thu 03. Feb. 2011
Nishioka, Chifumi Application of QR Codes in Mobile Learning Master ThesisDr. Mohamed Amine Chatti, Hendrik Thüs PRiME
Noor, Waqas Design & Implementation of a Flexible Framework for Metadata Management in UNICORE? Master ThesisProf. Wolf
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